What is swiftquiver?

swiftquiver is a framework to build stepped wizards in SwiftUI apps and workflows. This is a highly modularized wizard in SwiftUI. It was initially developed to provide a wizard approach to adding a ping or port scan but could be wired into any tool, just swap out the labels and images. It's also pre-localized to support adding non-English language support. It's simple to swap out color scheme and images, as well as to add/remove steps, replace strings add new localization strings. This is not meant to be a standalone project but meant to be added to a project.

What It Looks Like

The below screens showcase optional input/output types that are built into the wizard.

Example of image dependencies based on a drop-down selection

Example of text input

Example of drop-down with text input

Example of status based on inputs

Example of dependent selection

Example of timer option

Example of wiring up to other functions and APNs

Example of completed atomic operation

Wizard Stepper Example

Example of Selection Picker in Stepper

Localization Strings Example

Example of Images Per Step

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